Baby Shower

Minimum of 15 ppl

$21.5 @ your place

$24.5 @ cache STORE OF FOOD


Assorted ribbon sandwiches including:

Ham & pickles

Roast beef, cheese & tomato relish

Ham, cheese & tomato

Chicken & mayo

Cheese, avocado & tomato


Freshly baked scones with jam and chantilly cream


Min tartlets filled with onion jam, crumbled feta and fresh thyme


Petite sweet potato and chickpea sausage rolls


Assorted bite size slices including:

Gluten free brownies

Caramel cheesecake squares with caramel popcorn


Fresh fruit skewers


@ your place add a smoothie for $3.95

@ cache add regular espresso $4 | glass champagne $6 | petite smoothie $5

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